The actual aim of the trade fair participation

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You have to think carefully about your goals for participating in a trade fair .

what do you want to achieve

Are you primarily concerned with presenting your products or services to a broad or specific audience?
Or do you want to find new business partners?
Do you only want to reach your existing customers and inform them about new products?
Do you want to sell directly at the fair?
Would you like to assess the new needs on the market and present new products and experience the response to them directly at the trade fair?

define goals

Be sure to create a plan for the individual days of the fair and define fixed goals for the fair.
See also our article: "How do I attract attention at the trade fair?

Evaluation of achieved goals

Even before the trade fair, think about how you can check whether you have really achieved the goals you have set and how you can evaluate and use them after the trade fair.

The trade fair is not a party, you ultimately want to make money with it.

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