Comparison of advertising costs

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Word of mouth propaganda

This is probably the oldest form of advertising and also the cheapest type of advertising ... 

phone acquisition

For the telephone acquisition you have to sacrifice a lot of time yourself or leave these special calling centers. You can find more information about this in our article Calling Center. 

email marketing

Personal e-mails or collective e-mails. There is a lot to consider here and not everything that you believe is allowed.... 

trade magazine

The cost of an advertisement in a trade magazine depends on the edition  

from €750 upwards 


Where can I have flyers printed and how much does it cost? 

The costs for e.g. B. 1000 flyers (DIN long) are about 50 € 


A small advertisement in a regional daily newspaper (Saturday edition) 

Costs around €500 

social media

advertising on  instagram,  Facebook  .. 

Suitable for a small advertising budget due to the high reach, -  already from 39€  

Social media offer you various options for placing your advertising. It depends entirely on your target group and the purpose of your advertising whether you decide to use a social media ad or work with an influencer. The costs you incur for this primarily depend on the range. 

search engine marketing

On the Internet you can reach your target group via advertisements, here you don't pay per ad, but per click. (cpc  =  cost  by  click)  Depending on the provider, the prices vary between 10 cents and ten euros per single click on your ad.  Google Ads  offers eg such kind of services. 

radio spot

The prices vary greatly depending on the range of the station. While regional stations already broadcast your advertising for 17 to 20 euros per second, you pay for the same time with large ones  radio stations  up to 150 euros per second.  

letter/post cover letter

A distinction must be made here between personal letters and general customer letters. The better you define the target group, the more successful you will be. You can research potential customer addresses yourself or buy them from address dealers. You can find out more about address dealers in our dedicated article. 

industrial fair

The costs for the pure stand space in the exhibition hall for a B2B trade fair vary between 150 to 200 € / sqm plus the trade fair service costs (electricity, water, internet ...)  

The stand construction costs  Depending on the equipment and stand size, they start at around €200/sqm. 

You can find more detailed information on this at:  LINK 

TV spots

Advertising costs on TV vary greatly, depending on the broadcaster. Would you like to broadcast your spot on a public broadcaster or on a spade broadcaster? 

The costs are between €150 - €4,000 per second. 

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