Matchmaking in a nutshell.

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Trade fairs aim to bring visitors and exhibitors together, in "New German": the "matchmaking" function of trade fairs!

Therefore, the most important area to be clear about before planning a trade show appearance is the visitor . The aim for you as an exhibitor is to get the "right" visitor to your stand - all measures, the wishes and ideas of everyone involved and, above all, the stand design and the composition of the trade fair team and its subordinate behavior.

Trade fair visitors come - nomen est omen - to visit a trade fair or exhibition , to meet people, to have discussions, to find out more, to get to know new products - and of course to be entertained.

You should assume that the goal of the visitor is to find the "right" exhibitor for them, so that their tour of the exhibition is worthwhile. This means that you as an exhibitor have to make it clear to them why you are the "right" exhibitor for them. Visiting the stand must be an experience for the customer, so that he or she takes away indelible impressions from the show that you can build on with further marketing and sales activities.

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