retail furniture

Here you will find an overview of our retail furniture

retail furniture

retail furniture

order code

To order the retail furniture correctly, the order code shown below must be filled out completely. This consists of the respective numbering of the component groups and the letter that describes the type of design.

For example, if you enter the letter "C" in field 2 "Colour code", the basic body is ordered in MDF painted white. (see example below)

With the retail system, over 260 different variations can be created.
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furniture types

price ranges


Furniture coated in KS, color shades
white or black according to our sample card

PC 01


Furniture coated with KS, special colors and decor of your choice according to our sample card.

PC 02

high line

Furniture painted white according to our sample card

PC 03


Furniture painted in RAL according to our color sample card.

PC 04

color code

Attachment to the main body

Access to the upper shelf

Access to the lower body

alternating front



locking system


Display & Exhibits

Consisting of 4 drawers with dividers.

Insert that can be pulled out at the top to equip the display

Dim.: L x W x H      400x194x350mm

Price on request

tall showcase

Dim.: L x W x H      450x450x2000mm

Price on request

ring display

Dim.: L x W x H      235x235x150mm

Price on request

Retail stand showcase

Dim.: L x W x H      450x450x1184mm

Price on request
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