Division of the exhibition stand into different zones and areas

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Overview of the different areas of a booth
Definition of areas and zones on your exhibition stand

Environment and Orientation Zone:

Here the visitor meets in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition stand and moves in front of the exhibition stand on the aisles in the immediate vicinity of the exhibitor. Here it is important for the stand crew to be quick and to get potential customers up to speed on the stand in order to present the products and the company.

presentation area

In this area you have the opportunity to present the products and highlights live to interested parties or customers.
This area is often positioned directly at the stand boundaries in order to arouse the curiosity of other interested parties and thus "engage" them in a conversation.

meeting area

This area is just as important for maintaining existing and potential new customer contacts. If possible, plan this area in two zones, one for intensive customer talks and the other for initial or short talks

Storage and kitchen area

This area is also an important zone in which, among other things, the preparation for the hospitality / catering of the visitors as well as the stand staff takes place. Brochures and give-aways, the cloakroom of the stand staff ....

Think about:

What use and purpose should the areas fulfil
How should the areas be equipped?
What equipment is required for this
How should individual areas be designed

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