Conventional stand construction

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When system construction reaches its limits and individual shapes are required, pure system construction quickly reaches its limits.

Because individual conventional exhibition stands require complete freedom in design.

Very independent , unique exhibition structures can be created from a wide variety of materials such as wood, plastic, glass, metal and all other conceivable materials.

Conventionally built exhibition stands are correspondingly more complex in terms of planning, production and assembly and dismantling. Storage is also more expensive. Accordingly, conventional exhibition stands are significantly more expensive than pure system stands.

Conventional measuring stands can also be used several times and are then just as sustainable.

Mixed forms are also often used in stand design . The basic elements are erected in a grid system and supplemented with conventional construction methods.




Greater planning effort
more time consuming
More expensive than pure system construction
Elaborate storage
Exhibition stands are only built conventionally when modular systems do not offer enough design freedom for very individual solutions.
Buildings that look very independent are created from different materials such as wood, plastic, metal and other materials, which cannot be created with systems due to the individual shapes. As a rule, conventionally built exhibition stands are more complex to set up and therefore somewhat more expensive. Sustainability is also given with conventionally manufactured modular components through multiple use.

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