Important criteria for pricing

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A budget must be set for a trade fair appearance so that the planning and pricing do not fundamentally diverge. After all, what use is an offer over €50k if your maximum budget reaches its limits at €10k?
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So communicate openly about your budget.

You can find help with budget planning in our "Checklist Costs" and in the lists of costs for individual advertising options.

Help for budget planning in checklist costs

A central question will always be: Should I buy the booth or should I rent it?

Depending on how often you want to visit trade fairs with your products or services, buying a trade fair stand or individual trade fair stand elements may make sense and save costs in the long run.

It is often cheaper to just rent. Then you don't have to worry about storage, maintenance, refurbishment, transport, etc. This way you can maybe concentrate better on your "main tasks".

But always remember: "Ownership obliges!"

With the individual production of individual elements, exhibits and furniture according to your own wishes, you can better set yourself apart from the environment and the market competitors and emphasize exactly you, your products or services.

Initially, some extra production may be a bit more expensive, but the initially higher costs can be quickly amortized with a few rentals for conventional elements.

Your individuality is trump!


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