Use the existing exhibition stand with fittings and equipment.

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Do you already have trade fair construction material that you have already used at the various trade fairs and exhibitions?
Perhaps your stand builder can integrate this into your new stand. Let us advise you in detail as to whether it makes sense and is economical to use these existing parts or whether it is better to build new ones.

However, the existing trade fair furniture such as designer furniture, showcases and other equipment can often be reused.

It is important to distinguish whether this underlines the unique selling point and contributes to the recognition value of your company or whether long-standing business partners have already seen it so often that it is time for something new.

You can clarify with your stand builder whether they also offer the service of storing an existing stand and setting it up temporarily at various events.

Examples of possible equipment for reuse include:

displays and exhibit carriers
LED light walls
counters and showcases
advertising banner
Furniture from previous fairs
Print media, as far as is still up to date
Equipment with a unique selling point
The accessories for special campaigns

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