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A trade fair appearance is associated with very high costs. You should therefore think carefully about whether investing in a trade fair presence is actually worthwhile or whether there are alternative, inexpensive marketing measures.

How can I promote my company and my product?

There are various marketing measures , the range of possibilities is almost limitless. It is important that you choose the advertising in such a way that you reach the people who potentially buy your product and that the effort and costs you choose for your advertising are in relation to the group you reach.

The possibilities range from:
Advertisements in the local newspaper
Flyers & Posters
Guerrilla actions in the city center
Commercials in cinemas or television

What is our unique selling point?

In order to advertise your company or product , you should first clarify what advantages potential customers have by purchasing your product or by being your customer in general. How do you stand out from the competition and what problems do you solve for the customer? You should then use this advantage and the outstanding properties of your product for your marketing.

What is the best way to reach my target group?

In order to attract the largest possible number of customers with your advertising, it is important that you think carefully about who they are. In addition to demographic data, characteristics from the areas of socioeconomics and psychographics also play a major role. For example, you are more likely to reach a young target group via social media than via the daily newspaper.

How do I increase my reach?

Your reach plays a big role if you want to increase your customer base . If you pursue this goal, your marketing measures must be designed in such a way that you expand your target group. This can be done by expanding your sales territory or expanding your target group. If you want to expand your target group, you have to find advantages for people who do not correspond to the previous target group and, if necessary, make adjustments to your product or product portfolio.

Once you have defined the extent to which you want to increase your reach , you can select and adjust your advertising material accordingly. For example, instead of advertising in a local newspaper, you could choose a trade magazine.

Trade fairs are particularly suitable for winning new customers. A personal reference can be created here through personal contact. In addition, products can be perceived with all senses. This allows you to make a lasting impression and reach a wider audience.

What alternatives are there for me to a trade fair stand?

Depending on the purpose for which you would use the fair, you have to choose other alternatives. Would you like to win new customers, introduce new products to your customers, expand your customer base or are you pursuing another goal?

In the field of marketing, there are endless possibilities to reach your own target group.

In the print sector, for example, posters, flyers or advertisements in newspapers are common means. Online marketing includes influencers, pop-up ads, newsletters, short promotional videos and emails.

In addition to trade fairs, there are other events that you can use for your marketing. An open day, a charity event or the sponsorship of a concert. You can also gain attention through actions such as a flash mob or other guerrilla advertising.

You can find more marketing measures under advertising costs in comparison

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